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Dental Filling

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materialsShould a cavity develop in a tooth, it needs to be removed before it has a chance to grow and spread bacteria throughout the mouth. To correct this issue, our staff will use a filling to replace the part of the tooth that contained decay. Cicero Family Dental Care is trained on the latest materials and techniques for the use of fillings.

What Is A Filling?

A filling is a material that is used to fill the hole in a tooth. There are a variety of materials and colors of material that can be used for a filling. The most common materials that are used are composite resin and amalgam. The most frequent use for a filling is to repair a cavity. When a cavity is present in a tooth, our staff will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and replace it with a filling. There are several factors including location, the oral health of the individual, and material used that could impact the lifespan of a filling. They could last anywhere from 5-20 years.

Is It Painful To Get A Filling?

Filling are not painful to a patient. During the procedure, the area where the filling is placed is numbed. There can be some discomfort from the needle used to numb the area, but after that, the patient shouldn't feel anything until after the procedure is over. Depending upon the size of the cavity being filled, the process could be over in as little as 20 minutes. As the numbing agent dissolves, you may experience a tingling sensation in your face. Once the numbing agent wears off, you could feel tender and your face could be slightly swollen. OTC pain medication will help with both of those issues.

Can You Eat After Having A Cavity Filled?

A person should wait to eat until after the numbing agent has worn off. This way a person doesn’t accidentally bite their tongue or cheek. Due to the numbing agent, a person will not be able to feel or have control of their mouth. Drinking water is fine. Not all filling materials harden right away, so it is suggested to wait 24 hours before eating foods that require chewing. Foods like broths with noodles can be eaten during the waiting period. Once the filling has time to harden, you can resume normal eating and drinking activities.

How Do I Take Care Of My Fillings?

Using good oral hygiene is the best way to take care of fillings. These devices will last longer if the person keeps up with their oral health habits. Make sure to floss and brush daily to preserve the life of your fillings. Also, avoid hard foods and candies that could cause your filling to dislodge.

Fillings are typically used to repair the damage done to a tooth by a cavity. There are several materials used to create a filling. They are not painful to have placed in your mouth and can last several years before needing replacement. The dental professionals at Cicero Family Dental Care will know precisely what kind of filling will work with your tooth. Contact us today at (680) 688-6026 to schedule your consultation.
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