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Opaque white plastic mouthguard on a white backgroundPeople are familiar with the mouthguards used for sports. However, not everyone is as familiar with mouthguards that are used while you sleep. The devices have the same premise but are a bit different in their design and function. Cicero Family Dental Care can help you determine if you are a candidate for a nighttime mouthguard and customize one just for you.

Why Would A Person Need A Nighttime Mouthguard?

For many different reasons, some individuals grind their teeth, or they clench their jaw while they sleep. Individuals who do those things will benefit from using a nighttime mouthguard. This style of mouthguard puts a thin layer of material between your upper and lower set of teeth. Instead of having the teeth grind or clench into each other, the teeth make contact with the guard instead. This is much safer for the person and their teeth. People who suffer from teeth grinding will wear down the surface of their teeth. Those who clench their jaws have the potential to crack their teeth from clenching them so hard. Nighttime mouthguards help prevent those complications. Since these guards also help hold the teeth and jaw in the appropriate positions, individuals should feel more relaxed and get a better night’s sleep.

Are Nighttime Mouthguards The Same As Sports Mouthguards?

While both guards will protect your teeth, mouthguards used for sleeping aren’t like mouthguards used for playing sports. Mouthguards used for sleeping are thinner and only cover the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Mouthguards used for sports cover all surfaces of your teeth and are thicker and sturdier. Devices for sports are designed to withstand the impact of an object or a collision. Guards used for sleep are just meant to help the teeth and jaw rest. The material is a nightguard is also created to be used for several hours on end. Mouthguards for sports are not designed to be worn for that long.

How To Clean Your Nighttime Mouthguard

The best way to clean your mouthguard is to soak it in a water/hydrogen peroxide solution. This will kill any bacteria growing on your device. Don’t forget to clean the storage case for your mouthguard as well. It will also harbor germs. Another way to clean your mouthguard is to brush it daily like you would your teeth.

Should I Get A Custom Mouthguard Made?

There are generic nighttime mouthguards available for purchase in pharmacies. While these can provide a short term fix, they are not ideal. There may not fit well across your teeth because they were not customized for your mouth. To derive the most benefits from a nighttime mouthguard, have a dental professional custom design your guard that you sleep in. Since it was made just for you, there is no question about it fitting properly.

Nighttime mouthguards are helpful for individuals who suffer from conditions like teeth grinding or jaw clenching while sleeping. These devices help a person protect their teeth and get a better quality of sleep. Cicero Family Dental Care can help patients get a device that fits their teeth and their needs. Call us today at (680) 688-6026 to schedule a consultation.
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