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Tooth Extraction

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheWhen it is not possible to save a natural tooth, the next best solution is to remove it. The procedure used to remove a tooth is called an extraction. Removing a tooth is not taken lightly and is the last resort for our professionals. However, if this is the best treatment path to take, you can trust that the team at Cicero Family Dental Care will make the process run as smoothly and pain-free as possible.

How Is A Dental Extraction Formed?

Removing and extracting a tooth is a simple procedure if the tooth is visible above the gumline. To remove a visible tooth, our staff will numb the area first, and forceps are applied to move the tooth out of its socket. If the tooth is not visible or is cracked it can still be removed. It will be removed surgically to ensure safety.

Why Would A Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Removing a tooth is not the first choice in dentistry due to the potential issues that it could cause. However, in some cases, it is in the best interest of the patient to remove the tooth. If a tooth is damaged beyond the point of repair, it is best to extract it. There are some instances of tooth decay where repair poses more risk than extraction. Tooth extraction can also be used when a child’s primary teeth have not fallen out but the permanent teeth are coming in. Orthodontists may face situations where extraction is needed to alleviate overcrowding. Wisdom teeth are also removed because they are not needed and cause overcrowding issues.

Does It Hurt To Extract A Tooth?

Before the procedure begins, the area that holds the tooth will be numbed and we will ensure the patient is relaxed. Once the numbing agent has started working, the patient won't feel any pain. This numbing happens in both surgical and non-surgical extractions. After the procedure is complete, it is common to feel soreness, discomfort, or have swelling. These side effects should resolve themselves within a few days. OTC pain meds can help offset some of these after the procedure. Once the numbing agent has been injected, the process to remove a tooth is quick and virtually pain-free.

How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities After A Tooth Extraction?

Technically, you could return to normal activities like work shortly after the extraction. But it may be wise to take the day to rest and return to work the following day. Don't attempt to eat anything until the numbing agent has worn off and the extraction site has clotted. To be on the safe side, stick with foods like soup for 24-48 hours post-extraction. If a surgical extraction was performed, follow the post-op instructions given to you by our team as they will be specific to your procedure.

Tooth extraction is not a procedure to take lightly. There can be many undue side effects of tooth removal. But if that is in your best interest, you can trust the team at Cicero Family Dental Care to perform your procedure with the utmost care. Contact the office today at (680) 688-6026 to speak with a member of our team.
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